Saturday, March 13, 2010

No Room for Non-fiction

Since I never had plans of being a writer, I never was connected to the writing world growing up. I mean, I read a lot of books and stuff, but I didn't hob-nob with other writers or pay much attention to styles and formatting and such. And I read a lot of fiction. Well now that I'm kinda into the writing process, I'm trying to get "into" the writing world a little. I've started trying to brush up on writer's lingo, studying out various publishing options, get to know some other writers, and just generally trying to pick up relevant knowledge wherever I can. But in my wanderings I've discovered something... most of the tips and discussions I run into are for fiction work. Maybe it's just because the majority of writers/published authors I know happen to be fiction writers and so the word-of-mouth avenues I go down (which comprise probably about 99% of my research) usually have to do with fiction: How to write fiction queries, discussions about characters, stories vs poetry, etc... Not that I particularly mind it because I find that kind of stuff interesting too.... I just feel slightly left out I guess.
I haven't found many if any discussions about how to organize thoughts logically or the best way to write expository compositions... Pretty much all I know about writing nonfiction is things I've picked up while reading other nonfiction books and thinking of how to adopt certain styles or things into my own style. Sometimes being original or deciding which method of presentation would be more effective is difficult. Maybe I just need some more people on my chain of editing staff to help me :P  I dunno....
The other thing I ran into especially earlier on in my writing escapade was that when I told people I was writing a book, they automatically assumed I was writing fiction. They'd ask me if they were going to be in it or something. Heh, well some of them probably ARE in it, just not quite like they would probably be hoping ;)
Seriously, doesn't anybody write nonfiction anymore? I know a lot of people do, but they're all famous people, right? Nobody wants to read something written by nobody from nowhere? Haa ha it seems like that sometimes. But I don't want to be famous. I suppose if being famous meant people would actually read my book and have an increased chance of hearing what God has for them, then fine, I'll be famous... but it's really not my preference. Is that weird? :P


Anonymous said...

I see the same thing...I wonder why that is. Maybe non-fiction writing comes with maturity (age), not to be funny or sarcastic. You know, a younger person, I think gravitates towards fiction reading and writing. I myself love non-fiction, but there again, I'm "old", haha. I wonder how many of those "famous" writers wrote fiction as young people?? :/
Just my two-cents.
Aunt Melanie

L. E. Neighbour said...

Hmm Yeah, that could be it. Or a big part of it anyway. I know fiction is much easier (not that it's really easy :P ) to write than non-fiction because you can make up your own rules and details, whereas non-fiction requires some knowledge and research.

Emily Ann Benedict said...

All I have to say is...Fiction writers rule! Oh, did I say that outloud? ;)
Well, I'd say it's just a matter of mindset. Some people are more inclined to write fiction and other non-fiction. (shrug) :)

L. E. Neighbour said...

Haa haa Emily ^_^ not that you're biased or anything, right? :P Well I guess it is obvious fiction rules... :P