Monday, March 1, 2010

Honest Scrap Blogger Award

Emily (her blog) nominated me for the honest scrap blogger award. Ain't I speshul? ;) :D  Well apparently this is a sneaky way to get info from people b/c nominees have to post ten things that few or no people know about them... Well to be perfectly honest, there's usually a reason nobody knows them! But whatever, I'll play along :P  ok let's see... 10 things... just in the order they come to me :P

1. I am claustrophobic. Not severely, fortunately ;)
2. I hate long sleeve shirts/dresses. if the sleeves are stretchy/baggy enough I don't mind them so much, but if they grab my arm I can't stand it (so I don't mind coats or sweatshirts as long as they hang loose). I think maybe it's related to the claustrophobia
3. I am very warm-blooded and sweat easily so I don't mind not wearing long sleeves :P
4. I am so OCD that I serial-number my socks so that I know which one goes with which and which foot each goes on (actually it was mostly part of a weird experiment I decided to conduct but that experiment was due to OCDness :P)
5. I am constantly writing stories or descriptions in my head but I rarely get around to writing them down much less developing the stories into something worthwhile
6. Ok so most people who know me only online do not realize that I am MUCH quieter in real life MOST of the time. (I prefer ze term pensive... sounds more intelligente xD ) I can be just as wacky though... just depends on the particular situation I'm in (who I'm with, what we're doing, whether food coloring is involved etc :P )
7. I am famous in the local homeschool group for my ability to mimic the Impressive Clergyman from Princess Bride as well as the French Peas off Veggie Tales... I also have a plethora of other cartoonish voices and accents which escape my lips at rather random times and earn me interesting nicknames and reputation and such :P
8. I am, upon occasion, a halfway decent artist (so they say). I wish I had the time and patience to learn more... maybe someday :)
9. I don't particularly care for the color pink (can't really wear it :P) but I have a few pink things (flashlight, bike helmet, etc) so that my brothers won't steal them :P
10. I don't have a laptop but whenever I get one, I've got a name all picked out for "her" ;) :D

I'll add my nominees later ;)


Emily Ann Benedict said...

I always knew you were interesting! LOL
Now I want to see some of your art!

L. E. Neighbour said...

LOL what have I gotten myself into? :P maybe someday I'll post some ^_^ some of my decent work, that is xD