Monday, February 22, 2010


Sometimes I am easily inspired. Sometimes not so much. I sometimes go weeks without even looking at my book because I am just SO uninspired. Sometimes if I re-read or work on editing I'll get some inspiration and get some good writing done. But that doesn't even always help. Sometimes, though, I'll just be going for a walk or listening to a [completely unrelated] sermon and BAM it'll hit me. I always try to carry my little blue n white notebook around for times when inspiration will strike but sometimes I forget it. And wouldn't you know it, that's when inspiration strikes. Yes, I know, ce'st la vie ^_^
One of the biggest problems I encounter in writing is schedules. No I don't mean like deadlines. I love to be uber-organized (even though I oftentimes appear to be so unorganized and a lot of times I am :P ), so I like to be able to schedule my day. Only problem is that if I put on my schedule that I will write during a certain time every day, it just doesn't work. I mean, I can work on writing all I want, but if the inspiration won't come, I'm just wasting my time. And like I said, sometimes inspiration hits me at the randomest times so maybe I'll be studying Spanish then all of a sudden I gotta go write. Bye bye Spanish book, bye bye schedule. Why does life have to be so complicated sometimes? :P
So, to my wonderful audience out there (stepping out on faith here and assuming you really do exist :P ), how do YOU get inspired? Do random things inspire you, or do you find specific things more helpful in bringing on the inspiration? Surely I'm not all alone in my inspiration issues :P

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